Vettel continues to sow doubts among the experts ...

Leclerc with Vettel

As we discussed, Arrivabene, the biggest defender of Vettel is out of the team, Binotto has taken control of Ferrari. In addition, they signed Leclerc and let Kimi leave not because they were uncomfortable with the pilot from Finland, but because Vettel was too comfortable with him and they wanted to put him to a pilodo of the likes of Leclerc who comes with a lot of talent and pushing to be future F1 world champion, and that would put Vettel in trouble and so, or Charles becomes the team's No. 1 or Vettel with the pressure gets more performance.

I sincerely doubt this movement, because all we have seen that Vettel works much worse with pressure, so F1 2019 could be a turning point in Vettel's career and he does not paint the thing very well. In fact, there are many voices criticizing it . Alex Zanardi said recently that "The arrival of Leclerc is a wake-up call for Vettel", within the team at Maranello there is no well-being and they are not happy with the performance and errors of the German, and many engineers and mechanics already miss out on Alonso ...

Vettel F1 2018

Here we already gathered the criticisms in two special items, but it seems that they do not stop and that the season has not yet started. I sincerely believe that for Vettel's sake there are only two options: Ferrari makes a car this year like it was in its era of Red Bull that is several seconds ahead and nobody can play the world cup and win red in 2019 , or that they make a bad car and do not have that pressure to win and their mistakes are camouflaged or they do not appear. If Ferrari makes the best car again this year, but close to Mercedes, Vettel's race and the contract with Ferrari could be in danger .

But the serious thing as I say, is that everyone's eyes are on Vettel and this is not good for the pressure that goes to have over this year, because the mistakes of 2018 will produce now are all looking at their careers under magnifying glass, and this the German knows. In fact, the one who said that " Alonso is the new king of F1. It is impressive, once I observed him in Monza and I thought: this guy is very good. "and of" Vettel is a cocky and arrogant brat; Hamilton and Alonso also ", among other pearls ..., now re-open mouth against Vettel. I speak of Ferrari's former Irish driver Eddie Irvine .

Well, now he has expressed his opinion as he has done for the British medium BBC and his reflections they have no waste, in fact he has had harsh words for Vettel and also for Hamilton, and even for F1, judge yourselves:

" Lewis is in a league above the rest, but not He's in Michael's League and I do not even think he's close. He is accumulating many victories, but because he has the best car, because there are more races and because the competition is debatable. Michale and Senna were focused every day of their lives to overtake the driver in front of them, but Lewis usually takes his days off. Lewis has an incredible talent, but his rhythm and consistency during a whole weekend do not think that he approaches Michael or even Senna. "

" I think Vettel is good if he is ahead and has no one to compete with. When he is struggling with someone, he focuses so much on what the other does that inevitably ends up crashing, something that happens to him all the time. Vettel is a good driver, worse than four times world champion I do not see him. I think it's over-hyped. It's a one-trick pony. "

" I do not see F1 anymore because it bores me.